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Mon Jun 10 21:56:10 MDT 1996

I can see Rolf Martens is getting antsy. It is
understandable. We will carry out the attacks on
Quispe-agent regardless of attacks on MIM from
any source.

As long as we realize that it is the Jesuits who
seek to divert the struggle into ideology and
away from obvious cop activities, there is no harm
in having Rolf Martens attack us within camp.
Ideally there would be a separate conference for that.
I would offer to set one up, but I'm too busy right now.

With regard to the slogans from AO, we support them.
Let us suggest to AO and LAB that if they would like
to issue a statement on MLM as the third stage and
would like to do so toward the aim of a
reconstituted International, then if they could just
do that with a separate statement and count us as
endorsers of the united front activities, that would
be one way to solve the problems that Rolf Martens
keeps returning to. MIM follows AO and LAB leadership
on supporting the defense of the Peruvian revolution.
When the subject turns to MLM and international
organization more generally, we have to maintain our
own course.

Rolf Martens's line is objectively Hua Guofengist, because
his intention is to be completely idealist and
removed from real-world responsibility. That is the
only way to claim to attack Hua, Deng and the "Gang"
all at once--by despising the human race and the
Chinese communist leaders it produced except for
the great and glorious Mao.

No doubt every great revolutionary movement has this
problem where no leader looks any good compared to
the greatest one. The only problem happens when
the great one dies. However, worshipping Mao's dead
body in October, 1976 only has so much political impact.

Rolf Martens feigns innocence that Hua would relent
in the attacks on Deng, but Jiang Qing ("Gang") predicted
it. She did not prevail to be named to Hua's positions
while Mao was alive. In this sense the struggle was already
partly lost. The outcome was decided by struggle and
the proletariat lost. If we did it over again with the
Rolf Martens line, we'd lose again, even worse.

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