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Mon Jun 10 23:50:49 MDT 1996

You wrote:
>There has never been any 'exposure' of so-called 'reactionary' Quispe.
>You've fooled no one here. There has been nothing but assertions and a
>'logic' that says: disagreement with WMC = Avakianist clone/dupe =
   First I'd like to know if you have been reading all of the post's to
this list from quispe and those concerning the WMC. Because if you had
it should be quite clear that quispe has expoused himself.
  He has expoused himself to be both a liar and a fake. Do you really
think that the Communist Party of Peru the most advanced CP in the
world today guided by Gonzalo thought would have a someone like quispe
representing the MPP? Has he shown himself to practice Maoism on this
list? Was his "brillant polemics" directed at Comrade's Godenas,
Charlotte and Jay the works of a Maoist? What about the Zodiac debacle?
How could anyone who followed that thread, still consider quispe a

  Concerning the WMC I was there when the New Flag unofficially
endorsed the call for the WMC. It was not until his avakianist masters
in Sweden T.P gave him orders and Rolf Martens appeared on this list
that quispe became openly opposed to the WMC. The new flag has
addmitted that in Europe the "MPP's" are soft on avakian. What does
this mean? It would seem to me that the attempt to reserect esparza and
the la torres along with the move towards the line promoted by the
World to WIn magazine. "Not 100% hoax" "struggle against the ROL" is a
clear indication of where quispe and his new flag are headed.
   I for one am not willing to be dragged down into the avakianist
swamp. The avakinst and his toad quispe revisionism is most damaging to
the prospects of making revolution here in the US or anywhere else for
that matter. It is very important that these types are not allowed to
misrepresent Maoism and the Revolution in Peru. I think that is why the
WMC is so important.


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