2 stupid lies by clone "C"

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Tue Jun 11 00:57:40 MDT 1996

Avakian clone "C",

You wrote, Mon 10.06.96:

>There has never been any 'exposure' of so-called 'reactionary' Quispe.
>You've fooled no one here. There has been nothing but assertions and a
>'logic' that says: disagreement with WMC = Avakianist clone/dupe =

So you're trying a blank denial. This it seems is your "example No. 1"
on why my views are "bizarre" and "reactionary" and why I should be
shunned as a "flea". But then a lot of other people on this list
would share the same fate.

It's a stupid lie, clone. Try reading my Info #8en again and see if
you cannot find half a dozen extremely reactionary and pro-US
statements by "Quispe" which I quoted and attacked there. And then in
"The Avakian-Quispe-T.P. impostor group exposed", "Quispe":s massive
support for the Avakian agent T.P. here in Malmoe, Sweden, who on 1 May
this year made massive propaganda precisely for Avakian and for the
"CoRIM", both of which "Quispe" had long pretended to oppose, is exposed.

>You oppose the line of Mao's closest comrades in arms, who together
>were the "Gang of Five". I say that is a not a Maoist position, it is

>More later,

I'll disregard your bad math. Here obviously you're trying to clone
the book by a sidekick of US imperialist agent Avakian, Raymond
Lotta, of 1978-79: "And Mao Makes 5". But it's just a silly lie to
pretend that the Gang of Four were "Mao's closest comrades in arms".
They were an ultra-rightist gang who opposed his line and rightly
were criticized by him for that at least from 1974 and onwards.

So this is your "example 2" of my "reactionary" views. But when you
so "proudly" had spoken of "elevate" the struggle to the level of
line, shouldn't you at least then have *tried* to refute what I've
shown about the Gang of Four with my postings (1)-(8) on the
subject to this list? And yesterday, 10.06, I added No.:s(9) and
(10) too - the latter you'd already seen, as Info #1en.

During a long time, the imperialists and their Avakianist agents
have managed to keep the truth about the Gang of Four from quite
a number of sincere revolutionaries, it seems. This is part of that
massive subversion ativity against the international communist
movement which, even 20 years ago, my then comrades in Germany
pointed to as being one part of the heinous crimes of the Gang of
Four and their imperialist and social-imperialist masters. See my
"G4" posting (9) on this.

The truth about the Gang of Four was quite well known, at least in
Europe, some 20 years ago. It's supported by the most massive evidence.
That which I've already posted is only a small part of it. But after
reading these postings of mine, nobody can still honestly belive the
Avakianist reactionary lies on this subject, I hold.

Let's see what your announced "More later" might contain. So far,
you've been doing pretty badly at your "elevating", haven't you,
clone "C"?

Rolf M.

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