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17 JANUARY 1996

Two Amnesty International delegates, a lawyer and a former police officer,

travelled to Turkey from 11 to 14 January to investigate the death of

journalist Metin Goktepe on 8 January 1996 in Istanbul.

The two delegates who spoke with Turkish authorities and eye-witnesses

stated:"Metin Goktepe was found dead in a Sport Centre which was at the

time being used by the police as detention centre. We expect the Turkish

authorities, therefore, to give a complete account of their findings into

his death.'

The detention of Metin Goktepe on 8 January at about 12 noon in the

AlibeykOy district of Istanbul was witnessed by fellow journalists who gave

detailed testimony. Metin Goktepe was detained while covering the funeral

of two political prisoners who were beaten to death on 4 January at

Umraniye prison.

According to official accounts, on 8 January 1,035 person were detained in

connection with the funeral: 705 of them were transferred to EyUp Sports

Centre. The EyUp Sport Centre is surrounded by a 3.5m high wall. Witnesses

reported to Amnesty International that detainees in the EyUp Sport Centre

and in the AlibeykOy police station were severely beaten.

The EyUp Public Prosecutor confirmed that Metin Goktepe's body was found on

8 January at 8.30 pm near a buffet in the EyUp Sport Centre. The Sport

Centre was used by police as detention centre until 11.30 pm that day.

According to medical experts, Metin Goktepe was clearly beaten to death.

The autopsy report of 9 January by the Forensic Medicine Department at

Istanbul University revealed that Metin Goktepe's death "resulted from

subdural and subarachnoidal brain haemorrhage associated with trauma to the

head from a blunt object and internal bleeding'.

On 16 January the State Minister with responsibility for Human Rights,

Adnan Ekmen, informed the press: "The body of Metin Goktepe was found

inside the Sport Centre and not as first suggested in a park nearby. His

bag was also found in the Sport Centre. (...) It seems clear that Metin

Goktepe died there.'

The Turkish authorities are currently conducting investigations into the

death of Metin Goktepe. Amnesty International is calling on the Turkish

authorities further to investigate fully and impartially the reported

ill-treatment of detainees by police on 8 January.


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