Do we support the leaders or the people?

Zeynep Tufekcioglu zeynept at
Mon Jun 10 14:57:56 MDT 1996

Hugh, my favorite adversary, writes:

>The very real problem you point to of the masses idolizing their
>leaders is in fact behaviour *learnt* from decades of Stalinist leadership.

You give "Stalinist" leaderships too much credit. I think where we disagree
is pretty clear. I say that it is the objective oppressed, herded,
controlled status of the working class that is producing the leadership
cults, and you think that a different leadership form could solve the
problem. I say we need to think about how to help transform the working
class from a ruled class into a ruling class. You concentrate on the

>If the leadership can't break away from thinking its exalted
>position is dependent on its pedestal, then you won't get a healthy party
>regime until the masses throw them out, led by a political and
>revolutionary opposition.

Masses are pretty happy to be led. Accept it. Let's look the problem in the
face. Of course we can think of how to make sure the leadership does not
become a permanent, ruling strata. I don't want to dish out Marx quotes to
the effect, but, I am honest  in saying this: The Working Class, as it is
now, sucks! It is treated like a child to be controlled by the system, and
it acts as a child. Yes, some are different. Minority.

>As for power, it grows out of people in political motion, and its effects
>are powerful and exhilarating. It's when the levers of power get into the
>hands of individuals unchecked by the social and political control of their
>comrades-in-arms that the corruption kicks in.

Hugh, we gonna have a revolution with the earthlings. Temporary shortage of
Martian super-conscious workers. (Yes, revolutionary situations change the
working class itself. Does not invalidate the whole problem).

I keep repeating the same theme, because saying it outright is one step
towards thinking and acting about changing it. There are some things that
can't be done, but if there's anything that can be done, it should be.

Want my Dacha. Want my Dacha. Want my Dacha. Want my Dacha. See if the
working class gives me one or not.


I was keeping this one for a moment I really wanted to annoy you:

>In England, the homeland of the world's greatest proletarian sport, the
>Reds just won the FA cup.
>Led by French forward Cantona and defended by Danish goalkeeper Schmeichel,
>Manchester United proved internationalism works. Cantona's brilliant goal
>sank Liverpool five minutes from the end.

Your brilliant Cantona is a bigot with a nasty personality. The
internationalism of your beloved Reds is the internationalism of money.
Don't drink too much reminiscing how Galatasaray beat Manchester United.

Will not start thread. Ha ha ha.


"The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed".
Steven Biko


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