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From: Jack Hill, Chicago Workers' Voice

Issue no. 10 of the _Chicago Workers' Voice Theoretical Journal_
is now in the mail.  Below is the editorial guide written by
Jake.  If you don't get it and want it, write us at CWV, P.O. Box
11542, Chicago, IL 60611, or email me.

     This issue of Chicago Workers  Voice Theoretical Journal
devotes a large amount of coverage to an important debate on the
national question.  This debate started as email exchanges
between NC of Los Angeles Workers  Voice and Joseph Green of
Communist Voice but it was also carried on the Marxism internet
list (marxism@  The debate
expanded with our own Sarah joining in, criticizing both NC and
Joseph, and several more participants joined the fray from
cyberspace including ultra anti-nationalist  left communists  and
ultra-nationalist Maoists.  Revisionist distortions of the
scientific Marxist view of the national question have plagued
revolutionary movements, causing untold damage.  The great
importance of this subject, the need for clarity and correctness,
compels us to devote a large part of this issue to it.  We urge
all our readers to participate in this debate.
     The Staley workers  struggle was one of the most important
battles waged by workers in recent years.  Jack Hill, active in
support work and organizing efforts during the entire two
year-long battle, presents his summation of that struggle.
     We are also continuing the debate on the class analysis of
the "middle strata,  printing the second half of Pete Tabolt s
along with Jake s criticism of it and a rebuttal letter from
     Anita reports on important news from Mexico:  militant May
Day Actions, the EZLN, teachers fighting cops, the settling of
the Ruta 100 bus drivers strike and more!
     Barb presents the third installment of  Rosa Luxemburg,
Semi-Anarchism   and Trotsky.  It covers Luxemburg s attempt to
 improve  on Marx and her view of the Bolshevik revolution.  She
loved the fact of it but hated the reality.
     The review of the film Land and Freedom, a moving piece
about the Spanish Civil War, is accompanied by an old article
>from the Workers  Advocate.  The analysis of the Spanish Republic
and the anti-fascist struggle by the Marxist-Leninist Party, our
former organization, still holds up fairly well.  This article is
also important because it marked a stage in the development of
the MLP s critique of Stalin and the Comintern.
     Finally, Sarah  provides a review of Dismantling former
Yugoslavia, Recolonizing Bosnia, Parts 1-3,  an article by Michel
Chossudovsky.  <>

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