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Raymond Hickman R-HICKMAN at
Tue Jun 11 11:10:14 MDT 1996

Hello Neil,
could you please be more specific. Exactly why can't you 'have
forces who want to support state capitalism among those who want
to eventually rid society of all capitalist relations in a real
revolutionary party'?

Perhaps we can get a bit more useful mileage out this question by
posing it another way. There have been a number of historical
divisions in the revolutionary movement since the mid 19th
century; 1st international (marxist v anarchist), 2nd
International (social democrats v revolutionary
internationalists), 3rd international  (socialism in one country
v permanent revolution), 3rd international (revisionist USSR v
revolutionary China), 4th international (state capitalism v
degenerate workers state). These descriptions are the briefest of
shorthands, and are used to indicate rather than describe the
divisions I am refering to. My question is this; which of these
divisions, which arose in historically specific conditions,
actually contain universal divisions which remain relevant in the
very different circumstances in which we find ourselves today?

While I can see that in terms of party formation, the 1st and 2nd
Inrenational splits, contain universal lines of demarcation, I am
much less convinced by the subsequent divisions.

All the best Raymond Hickman

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