Working class has no country -- Zeynep has no dacha!

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Tue Jun 11 13:33:40 MDT 1996

Zeynep writes:

>Want my Dacha. Want my Dacha. Want my Dacha. Want my Dacha.


>I was keeping this one for a moment I really wanted to annoy you:

Wait till you see the weird things I'll be writing when things heat up here!

Now, in expansive mood, far from my beloved country (no. 2 in the capital
export league, *still*), I wrote:

>>In England, the homeland of the world's greatest proletarian sport, the
>>Reds just won the FA cup.
>>Led by French forward Cantona and defended by Danish goalkeeper Schmeichel,
>>Manchester United proved internationalism works. Cantona's brilliant goal
>>sank Liverpool five minutes from the end.

So Zeynep felt she just had to defend Attaboy Attaturk and his Attacking
Ottoman Atavists by writing:

>Your brilliant Cantona is a bigot with a nasty personality.

Now, pedant that I am, I didn't say Cantona was brilliant -- Zeynep did. I
just said his goal was brilliant -- and would anyone deny it?

Did I breathe a word about his personality? Did I [snip].

Zeynep brought up his personality.


>The internationalism of your beloved Reds is the internationalism of money.

Did I say I loved 'em?  Did I [snip].

Did I even say I supported 'em?  Did I [snip].

Did I say they represented proletarian internationalim?  Did I [snip].

Zeynep, you brought all this up -- but forgot poor old Schmeichel!

On another tack... Did I say internationalism works. Course I did!

>Don't drink too much reminiscing how Galatasaray beat Manchester United.

Weren't half the Reds suspended for that match, and the other half injured?
And they had to play in black.
Anyway, one swallow doesn't make a summer (or as they say in Sweden: one
time is no time).
And they didn't really beat them, they just scored more goals in the only
match of the series you remember...
And wasn't the ref a Kurd out on parole for good behaviour?

So Zeynep, since you've got a nationalist sporting axe to grind, why not
tell us of Turkey's achievements in sports that the world (CNN and NBC)
cares about?

Maybe we could get an unprincipled block between you and our friends Down
Under if you could whip up some enthusiasm for Aussie rules -- it's called
pommy bashing!

Or maybe we could all join in exposing the juggernaut of Aussie imperialist
rugby league in New Zealand.

>Will not start thread. Ha ha ha.

Course not, heh heh heh...



>"The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed".
>Steven Biko

Anyone know what Steven B would have thought of the resurgence of the
Springboks in world rugby and cricket?

(No Aussie comments, please!)


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