France and equity and Juppe

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Tue Jun 11 16:27:07 MDT 1996

On france and feminization of politics.
	Women in France can expect nothing at all from Juppe and his allies. Not
only is his government cutting back on every aspect of welfare (health care,
pensions, unemployment benefit) S and we know that women are the first to have
to spend time looking after the old and the sick when there are no facilities S
but what is more they are covering the right wing militias who attack abortion
clinics. of course it would be a good thing to have more women MPs even if only
for the symbolism (Cresson S first French woman prime minister S was a disaster
for women), but any support Juppe gives such initiatives is just pure "powder in
the eyes" as we say in French. There are no alliances to be made with these
john Mullen

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