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Tue Jun 11 17:05:02 MDT 1996

In a message dated 96-06-10 Father Superior Adolpho writes:

>It has been alleged that because the US regime has recently passed a law of
>asylum which is obviously geared to implement the recent "anti-terrorist"
>agreements between the US imperialists and the reactionary regimes in Latin
>America, that the example of Georgi Dimitrov does not apply, that the US
>legal system is totally foreclosed, and that "only the masses" can stop the
>deportation of Mr. Salazar Calero.
>At the same time, however, appeals for defence funds and a search for
>lawyers - which had already reported before apparently having actually been
>appointed - are made.  The Three Stooges could not have began to direct a
>campaign with greater "consistency", and one must, regretfully, ask if this
>is a Committee to Prevent the Deportations or to facilitate them?
>It is not true that all legal avenues are closed in the USA.  Even the legal
>opinion quoted by the Jesuit (who "criticised" one of "Quispe's"
>personalities and then proceeded to accept apologies and self criticism from
>the other), mentions that such a law is open to a Constitutional challenge.

To whom it may concern:

Is it my imagination, or is the good Father Superior making this shit
up?  Unless I deleted something relevant without reading it, none of
the "Jesuits" he's been referring to have ever said this stuff he's
putting in quotes, nor have any of us referred to Dimitrov, "law of
asylum" or any of this BS he's trying to put words in our mouths
about.  Could this be another case of the one who shouts the loudest
"stop thief!" turning out to BE the thief -- or in this case, the one who
shouts "fabricator" and "trafficker".....

Gina/ Detroit
(I had to withdraw from the Jevvies --Pope J.P. the Deuce didn't aprove!)

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