Working class has no country -- Zeynep has no dacha!

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Wed Jun 12 01:15:56 MDT 1996

>Maybe we could get an unprincipled block between you and our friends Down
>Under if you could whip up some enthusiasm for Aussie rules -- it's called
>pommy bashing!
>Or maybe we could all join in exposing the juggernaut of Aussie imperialist
>rugby league in New Zealand.

>(No Aussie comments, please!)
Too late Hugh.  The challenge was there.  As I have said on this list before
I loathe and detest Aussie Rules because it is based on Gaelic football.
The kind of football that the bog trotting peasants tried  to make me play
long years ago.

But that leaves cricket, hockey, and League, all of  which the Aussies excel
at expecially when  playing the Brits.

By the way only an English trotskyist would call what is obviously
anti-imperialism "Pommy bashing".

As for comrade Zeynep she is more than welcome to block with us.  Except
that is she will have to take up a position of critical support for Cantona.
After all he did drop kick a fascist. Besides the papers here said he was a
supporter of the PCF. "But is that a point  in his favour?", I ask myself.



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