Working class has no country -- Zeynep has no dacha!

Adam Rose adam at
Wed Jun 12 03:21:23 MDT 1996

Gary writes:
> As for comrade Zeynep she is more than welcome to block with us.  Except
> that is she will have to take up a position of critical support for Cantona.
> After all he did drop kick a fascist. Besides the papers here said he was a
> supporter of the PCF. "But is that a point  in his favour?", I ask myself.

There is no need for criticism in our support.

I still have my "Fight the Nazis - Cantona style" T shirt, with the kick
displayed in graphic detail.

He made an excellent advert for Nike shoes with Paul Ince ( a Black
Manchester United player ) , which was a three minute argument against

It's curious how the British pashion for inward investment works in some
sports and not others. The world rugby league champions, Wigan, have
successfully bought in Australians, coaches and players - but the English
cricket team bought in South Africans and failed.

Anyway, I have been doing my best to annoy the English nationalists during
the European football championships by singing "Deutchland uber alles" every
day, but unfortunately I seem to be surrounded by Scots, Nigerians, Irish
etc, who are quite happy to sing along.


Adam Rose
Arsenal supporter


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