Stop the Deportation of Julian Salazar Calero!

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Wed Jun 12 11:46:51 MDT 1996

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>>>Send letters or postcards of support to:
>>>Justice for Julian
>>>8 Huntington St.
>>>Suite 139
>>>Huntington, CT 06484
>>>Write to Connecticut's sentators and urge them to help Julian get
>>>political asylum:
>>>Sen. Joseph Lieberman
>>>U.S. Senate
>>>Washington, DC
>>>Fax: 860 549-8478
>>>Sen. Christopher Dodd
>>>U.S. Senate
>>>Washington, DC
>>>Fax: 860 258-6958
>>Dear comrades from Detroit Peru Solidarity Committee:
>>"Julian raised cattle and reported the theft of some of his cattle to
>>corrupt police.  The police did nothing and later charged him with
>>being a
>>subversive, so he fled to the capital city when faced with such an
>>unsubstantiated accusation.  Unable to find work, he came to the
>>States.  In September 1993, military police tortured his
>>Roberto Calderon Garagate, to death and tortured his father-in-law.
>>mother-in law was forced to cook supper for the assailants over the
>>body of
>>her son.  In May 1994, police
>>arrested his wife after arresting a man they claimed was a terrorist
>>had rented a room in their house.Julian has been living in the United
>>States, working as a caretaker for an elderly man and as a gardener.
>>applied for political asylum in 1993, and on the advise of his
>>presented himself to immigration authorities in New York City for his
>>hearing.  He was
>>immediately seized and held without bail as a suspected "terrorist"".
>>Well, here we have a truly credible story which is substantially
>>similar to
>>that of many Peruvians who have had to flee to various countries
>>abroad -
>>most times having to sell everything they own and borrow heavily from
>>friends and family to pay their way - to escape the Japanese
>>camp into which the criminal Fujimori dictatorship - a puppet of US
>>imperialism - has converted our country, Peru.
>>We think that on this basis, a United Anti-Fascist front can be build
>>the issue of Preventing the Deportation of Mr. Salazar Calero with a
>>perspective of success.
>>Committee Sol Peru - London
>>International Commission
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>Are there any e-mail addresses to write to?

Yes:  I would suggest that all friend of democracy and enemies of fascist
dictatorship, should write to the Peruvian people in the Internet.  Most
Peruvian people in the Internet, are not of course workers and peasants, but
rather intellectuals, some students abroad, a few military officers and
reactionary pro-US bureaucrats.  However there is also a democratic camp of
people basically oppossed to the fascit dictatorship too, albeit most not
>from revolutionary positions.

There are two Peruvian lists (similar to the Marxism list).  Most debates
there are in Spanish although is perfectly OK to publish a letter in
English.  Most people read it, although you may not be interested enough to
stay if a debate with someone who does not speak English develops.

The first one, which has a good reach all the way into most internet hooked
offices and homes in Peru itself is: Peru at (to subscribe you send
a mailer to listproc at and put in the body of message: subscribe
peru (your name).  For sending messages, send to Peru at

The second one is Tumi at and to subscribe is majordomo at with
the message: subscribe Tumi.  To send: Tumi at

In any case, if you do no want to have to subscribe to any or to both of
those lists just to send a letter of support for Mr. Salazar Calero or
condemnation of the Fujimori fascist regime's actions, you can mail it us,
Committee Sol Peru London at: hariette at and we will forward
your letter for you.

Adolfo Olaechea

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