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Robert Malecki malecki at
Wed Jun 12 23:48:43 MDT 1996

>To the List:
>Has the list got a garbage department or has Malecki used the wrong email

Hi Karl,
Somebody attacks your little dreamworld and you immediately start getting
nervous on the trigger finger! You sent this post twice to the list and once
to me. The whole point is that you have been writting reams of stuff
defending some sort of language norms which have nothing to do with real and
living class struggle. Have you ever been to a union meeting? When workers
are really angry?

The rest of the time you , as of late you have been having polemics with
Louis about polemics. Louis at least has a political position..

Your position is in fact something along the lines of putting forks and
knifes on the right side of the plate. And the only dustbin going to be
needed for the garbage certainly won,t be malecki at least historically..

malecki in exile...
>> Dear Karl,
>> No its not. And you are still wrong! Marxism, in that i mean Karl Marx and
>> his works contribute nothing unless their is a historic vanguard that can
>> translate to the millions and millions of people the theory depends on. It
>> is not some fucking intellectual game for intellectuals. It is a tool!
>> Warm regards
>> bob
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