Adolfo on executing "jesuits"

Chris, London 100423.2040 at
Thu Jun 13 00:02:13 MDT 1996

Basically Adolfo reveals here that when he cannot
browbeat those opposed to him, he would like to kill them:

"there is no cure for jesuitism short of amputating their heads".

"that is not possible at present"

How Adolfo thinks remarks like this help his campaigns
against deportations of "terrorists" is not clear. Especially
when all contents of this l'st are recorded by the enemy.

But I think it reflects on the initial question when the supporters
of the PCP first joined the l'st and were accused of killing
leftists as a matter of policy. My impression of the balance of
the evidence on all this is that the PCP has killed fewer than they
are assumed to have done. However the ideologically annihilating
dogmatic style, implies they would like to. Adolfo certainly
enjoys his jokes about squashing cockroaches or sending people
to the Gulag.

Many a true word...

Who would feel safe with him
in charge of a Committee of Public Safety, when a basic
question asked clearly  "like a four year old
child", is proof that you are actually a jesuit, whose head should
be amputated?

When are you going to update us Adolfo on your progress with
the WMC? There may be good news from your point of view. Why not
share it? The only good reasons from your point of view are
either a) to save it up for an announcement with a grand flourish
at a later date? Or that you don't really have any?

Are my questions really too jesuitical for you to bear?
The basic question is really very simple. It's just I don't feel
like a four year old child in having the right to ask it.


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