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 >> If someday we are to perform a post-mortem on the Zapatistas, it may well
be that its inability to mobilize and unite with the Mexican working class
will be listed as the primary cause of death. <<Louis Godena

 Jon Flanders:

  Is this really the primary responsibility of the Zapatistas? As an
insurgency based on the native communities of Mexico's south, they have
already done wonders in bringing out the deep-seated problem of the oppression
of the indigenous population. Now, the responsibility for moving this forward
lies with the leaders of the Mexican working class, just as responding to
similar struggles here in the US falls on the shoulders of the US working

  If the working class fails to pick up the ball, it is no one else's fault.
How can we expect less from the only class capable of solving the problem of
class society?

  This is where racism enters, of course, since it is the most effective
ruling class strategy to disrupt the potential unity of oppressed sectors of
the population with the organized workers.

  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 13-Jun-1996

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