Lessons of Staley struggle

Robert Perrone perrone1 at igc.apc.org
Thu Jun 13 04:16:26 MDT 1996

I just want to comment on a couple of points raised in the analysis
by the CWV brother.

We do ourselves no favors by arriving at such conclusions as the
"Staley workers lost," as if we were theoretical bookkeepers adding
up columns to determine the "bottom line." I believe that we should
see this struggle as one of many that has come before and that will
occur in the future, and determine whether the lessons learned are
positive for the class as a whole. While the loss of jobs for
individual working people is something is certainly no cause for
celebration, my question would be whether that struggle was in vain
for our class? Did their sacrafice move the class struggle forward? I
believe the answers to those questions determine whether a particular
struggle was "won" or "lost."

Second, the brother stated that "The biggest strength workers have is
their numbers." Maybe I'm being picky, but I beg to differ. I believe
the biggest strength workers have, or rather the working class has,
is organization. Numbers without organization equals a mob, equals
defeat. That is why the working class needs a party, to bring
organization to the class.


Robert Perrone

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