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hariette spierings hariette at
Thu Jun 13 16:21:31 MDT 1996

>In the mean time we should defend the Zapistas against the state and
>ruthlessly critisize the present leadership of the workers movement for not
>taking this question seriously.
>malecki in exile

Yeah, ZAP all the malecki cockroaches off from the Lacandon forest and
things could well improve alround!  I think that in that case, amazing
amounts of people from the working class will really become convinced


PS:  what would you think malecki should look like with a ZAPISTA red sky
mask and a Comandante Marcos pipe stuck on his mouth?  A bit like the
Mexican cartoon caracter Chapulin Colorado, the one with the beer belly and
the illuminated antennas on his forehead, I imagine. The Chapulin is another
"defender of the people" who also wins every episode of the class struggle
single handed and everytime!  Pity he is not "in exile" as yet. But who
knows, maybe some day, there would be a revolution in Mexico soon, and the
Chapulin may also end up in Sweden gazing at his "belly-button".


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