some thoughts on the Zapatistas

Zeynep Tufekcioglu zeynept at
Thu Jun 13 16:48:40 MDT 1996

I hadn't read this one when I informed Lou that he was misinformed.

>Following the mass arrest of the leaders of the SUTAUR bus workers union in
>Mexico City last year,  La Jornada quoted alleged Zapatista front leader
>Javier Elorriaga as pointing out that "their [urban strikers] have their
>problems, we have ours.   It is complex, but ours are a matter of life and
>death."   And shortly after the steep rise in the price of basic foodstuffs
>earlier this spring,  EZLN spokesman Sebastian Entzin dismissed the
>resulting waves of urban unrest with an aphorism: "the suffering of the
>countryside will sooner or later always make its way to the cities; we have
>lived with this and much worse all of our lives.   It is of no special

I still would evaluate Elorriaga's comment as a reflection of the initial
cold-shouldering the EZLN got from the trade-union movement. I still claim
that they tried to reach out to a larger base of Mexican people from the
beginning, especially the working class. Again, Entzin's remark seems to
reflect a "serves you right" attitude. Both positions are overswings. The
fault, im-now h-o, lies with the working class and the communists. The EZLN
has a positive attitude towards the working class and communists, and I hope
the Mexican working class and communists do not manage to do what we have
managed to do the Kurdish movement- help isolate it, fail to mobilise the
working class, leave it to fight against one of the biggest armies in the
world and force it to face making a choice between collobration and complete


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