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Thu Jun 13 17:39:36 MDT 1996

>from the communique I just posted:
>  >Zapatismo is not a new political ideology or re-fried old
>  >ideologies.  Zapatismo is not, it does not exist.  It
>  >serves, only in the way bridges serves, to cross from one
>  >side to the other.  As such, in Zapatismo everyone fits, all
>  >who want to cross from one side to the other. Each one has
>  >one or the other side.  There are no recipes, lines,
>  >strategies, tactics, laws, regulations or universal slogans.
>  >There is only one desire: to construct a better world, that
>  >is, a new one.
>  >
>  >In summary: Zapatismo belongs to no one, and so, it belongs
>  >to everyone.
>  >
>  >These are the central ideas upon which the summons to the
>  >Intercontinental Encounter for Humanity and Against
>  >Neoliberalism is based.  It is an encounter, not a congress.
>  >We are going to find one another and see what is the result
>  >of this encounter.  This is not an encounter solely for
>  >Zapatistas or sympathizers of Zapatismo. This is an
>  >encounter among those who say or want to say their
>  >respective "Enough is enough!" to their respective
>  >nightmare.
>Is this vapid or inspired? I can't decide.
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All thing to all men - is that inspired too?  Maybe it is, otherwise, ask


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