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>Michael 12th June:
>Subject: revisionism
>The 20th century has come to an end. There have been no
>socialist revolutions in the capitalist states of western europe
>and north america.
>Lenin's recipe for the west also failed - namely going down
>lower and deeper to the real masses, the minority of the working
>class uncorrupted by imperialist bribes, and carry on a relentless
>struggle against revisionism.
>That failed.


I have to get home and work on a paper I am giving tomorrow, not to mention
do the cooking, watch footie and get pissed.  Ah the trials of being an
intellectual, a single parent, a sports fanatic, and a drunk.  But Chris
must be at his computer and I keep getting interesting messages.

So I want to single out the work "fail" for a short rave.  In NLR recently
Ahmed attacked the use of this word as in "Socialism has *failed*".  He
points  out that the correct word to use is "Socialism was *defeated*".

I agree with him.  There was a Cold *WAR* and our side was crushed.
Communism did not simply collapse.  Countless millions were spent in
containing and rolling back the red tide.

This is not to argue that there were no mistakes made by the Left.  But the
right are anxious to adapt the stance of "anti-conquest".  there was they
claim no struggle against communism, it just simply fell away because of its
internal contradictions or weaknesses.  For instance here in Australia the
bourgeois media argued that the CPA failed because Marxism was a "foreign"



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