Was Bill spying?

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Fri Jun 14 01:24:05 MDT 1996

The new book which claims that Bill was working for the CIA and among other
things writting reports about deserters and draftdodgers in Sweden is really
and interesting turn of events.

As one of the people effected by this policy if true i think that some
information about this stuff should be made public. Although not a deserter
or draftdodger i did recieve a political refuge here because of my
activities against the war..

As far as Bill Clinton is concerned there are two possibilities.

The first is that he was not spying for the government and it is a smear
campaign in the coming elections.

The other was that Bill was spying and he was recruited or the government
got a handle on Bill.. Or that Bill has ordered the book in order to have an
option if the Vietnam stuff becomes a hot issue again in the coming elections.

If we take the second alternative, the government did have a policy of
recruiting students on campus. They also used people who they had a handle
on (for example drug users) to work for them in the Anti-war movement or
else jail for drug crimes. Perhaps Bill was one of the above.

However, how did the government work here in Scandinavia. Here in sweden i
believe the CIA recieved information from the Swedish secret police. They
had a lot of personel working at the embassy also who were keeping tabs on
people. In fact they certainly had moles in the American exile groups and in
some cases had special agents keeping and eye on certain people.

In fact numerous times these agents were quite open in letting people like
myself know that they were keeping and eye on us. They actually would come
and sit by your side in the subway and say. "Hi, we got an eye on you" and
things like this.

However, there was a real interest for the government to keep tabs on
Scandinavia. Obviously they were quite afraid  that the people working
around these questions could be a real threat to the staging areas in
Germany and elsewhere for people on there way to Vietnam. Think if not just
a 1000 people came but ten thousand etc...

However, what worried them more was the fact that the Social Democratic
party which during the cold war had been a loyal and helpful ally in
collecting information on the Soviet Union in the early seventies under the
leadership of Olaf Palme went over to the Vietnamese side after Nixons
infamous carpet bombings. In fact diplomatic relations were broken and the
embassy was pratically  shut down and isolated in a sea of pro Vietnamese

It was during this period the embassy refused to renew my passport saying
that the only thing i would get from them was a "free airplane ticket" back
to the states under escort..So they were pretty up tight to say the least.

So obviously the CIA was worried about developments. But the accusations
that Clinton was writting reports on Scandinavia and exiles here even if
proven true is fairly small potatoes. It has to be seen in the context of
Bill being a student and recruited or Bill being blackmailed by the CIA.

However if the allegations are true, i think that the possibilities of Bill
being recruited or blackmailee are the only alternative. I doubt that anyone
would want a story like this to get out in order to make Bill a patriotic
hero who in reality was fighting for his country.

Finally what is really funny about this is the fact that i wrote Bill the
president demanding amnesty! Think, if i am demanding amnesty from a guy who
was employed by the CIA to spy on me. WoW! Enclosing the letter i sent to
Bill below for your information..

Warm Regards
malecki in exile

Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my

Robert M.:   This is a letter dated February 5, 1994 and it starts
like this:  Dear Bill. a year and 16 days have gone since my last
letter to you. Although you received my letter, I have a card here
with the White House post stampel on it, I have not received an answer.
Recently I saw you on the news here, it was amazing, you actually got
the legislation through the house and the senate normalising relations
and dropping the trade embargo with Vietnam. Wow! That's peace
officially, 20 or 30 years, after the ending of hostilities. That
makes me very happy and I am sure the Vietnamese people are very
happy also. However, I am also sad. Peace at last, but for those
of us still in exile, there is no peace. I am beginning to feel like
the Japanese soldier who was found on a deserted island in the Pacific,
25 years after the end of the Second World war, his first words being
"is the war over". Well there's still people in exile whose only crime
was trying to stop the war. They live in Vietnam, they live in Sweden,
underground in the United States and elsewhere, facing various charges
>from desertion to conspiracy. These people never got rich. They are
decent people, who pay their taxes and live normal lives. There is
also a great deal of sorrow and pain, because of the war. I for
example had to write a letter to my children who have not seen me
in 23 years. Ihad to explain to them what Bill Clinton did this week
in terms that they could understand. That Bill is real pain! That
pain was shared by millions of people, who had to write letters to
their loved ones, who had been affected by the war.The Vietnamese
people, why there is not one family who's not had a relative killed
or maimed. The families of the 55,000 Americans who had sons who died
in the war. The Vets who fought in the war and the Vets who fought
against the war, I am one of the latter. Now that is real pain, Bill.
Not to mention the mothers and children who were left behind to pick
up the pieces, they are probably the real heroes in all this. So how
about Bill? Or is it just the business guys, the fatcats who get the
happy ending? I mean there the ones who made all the money during the
war and now they are going to make all the money during the peace...
Are you going to declare an amnesty for crimes related to people who
fought against that war or is it just the guys that massacred women
and children who get to come I want an answer, Bill! Your the chief,
you make the decisions, and soon Bill.

Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my

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