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Lenin's recipe for the west also failed - namely going down
lower and deeper to the real masses, the minority of the working
class uncorrupted by imperialist bribes, and carry on a relentless
struggle against revisionism.
That failed.



Lenin's recipe could be adapted in china because the of the relations of
the great masses to imperialism. But lower and deeper to the uncorrupted
of europe and north america?

Does the term "bribe" really explain  the law of value as it relates to
capitalist geography?  Or europe's legacy of historical violence?

Lenin's recipe was one for an agrarian country. It was very relevant
to the chinese communists engaged in a political-military conflict in
the first half of the century. But the recipe you describe - lower,
deeper, to the uncorrupted working class - makes little sense in a
european or north american context.

The working class owes its existence to the ravages of capitalism.

Those at the bottom have more important things to do than carry on
a struggle against revisionism.

First they have to eat. And by eating - be it potatoes or bananas,
beef or cereals - they are "corrupted" by the world capitalist system.

(Btw, how do you distinguish the real masses from the fake masses?
Or is your question just a maoist jesuit jest, a gesture for Bishop
Adolfo's sake?)

Lenin's recipe was a recipe for failure. You provided the answer
and then asked the question. Why?

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