_Heaven's Gate_

Jon Beasley-Murray jpb8 at acpub.duke.edu
Fri Jun 14 08:05:28 MDT 1996

I'm also looking forward to seeing this film.

On the Western more generally: there is also _Unforgiven_ as an example
of the continued viability of the genre.  As to whether such a revival
shows pomo nostalgia, I'm not sure: wasn't the Western an exercise in
nostalgia from the outset?

Plus there have always been anti-Westerns, my personal favorite being
Altman's _MacCabe and Mrs Miller_.  In fact, arguably most Westerns are
in fact anti-Westerns--and it's interesting that when feminist critic
Laura Mulvey, famous for her pessimistic view of the gaze as perhaps
necessarily masculine etc. etc. (in her essay on "Visual Pleasure"),  looks
for a way out of this pessimism, she turns to a Western (whose name I
forget--but I have seen it, and it's truly awful; but there we are).

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