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Fri Jun 14 08:26:17 MDT 1996

Isn't the seeming vagueness and generality of the Zapista communiques a
reflection of their strategy of avoidance, in the sense that they don't want
to force an all out military confrontation, which they would lose, while not
disarming completely into another ineffectual peasant organization?

 If they can manage it, the content of Zapatismo could be filled out with the
ideology of a radicalizing Mexican working class. If they fall off the
tightrope, they will be co-opted by the regime into the national mystique of
the Mexican revolution.

 I like the "we don't have all the answers, help us figure it out" aspect of
the Zapatistas. They are a work in progress. Isn't that why Marcos calls
himself *Sub*Commandante?

 Jon Flanders

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