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At 10:26 AM 6/14/96, Jon Flanders wrote:

>Isn't the seeming vagueness and generality of the Zapista communiques a
>reflection of their strategy of avoidance, in the sense that they don't want
>to force an all out military confrontation, which they would lose, while not
>disarming completely into another ineffectual peasant organization?
> If they can manage it, the content of Zapatismo could be filled out with the
>ideology of a radicalizing Mexican working class. If they fall off the
>tightrope, they will be co-opted by the regime into the national mystique of
>the Mexican revolution.
> I like the "we don't have all the answers, help us figure it out" aspect of
>the Zapatistas. They are a work in progress. Isn't that why Marcos calls
>himself *Sub*Commandante?

This is exactly why I was undecided between the excerpt's being inspired &
vapid. (You should see the whole damn thing. Marcos is really getting pomo
down there in the mountains.) AO has an opinion, and he's quite persuasive
about it, but I still have to admire the Zaps.

I doubt any of us whould have heard of the Zaps, and I doubt they would
even exist, had it not been for the organizing work of educated,
professional revolutionaries like Marcos.



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