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Gina asserts:

"The PCP projects starting right off with a cultural revolution after power
is seized throughout the country, in order to get the jump on the capitalist
roaders.  Also the concept of the militarization of the party is
specifically with this in mind: to prevent the capitalist restoration".


This is a most interesting insight into "Quispe" thought! For these chums
the seizure of power in Peru - the crowning victory of the democratic
revolution - will be followed not by the socialist revolution and the
establishment of the People's Democratic dictatorship under proletarian
hegemony, but by a cultural revolution to "get a jump on the capitalist
roaders"!  That is to say, that the PCP, in having a programme for the
democratic revolution and wanting to bring in the national bourgeoisie into
a front of people's liberation is only kidding them and using them as a
throw away factor to be "gotten a jump over" as soon as the life of New
Democracy begins.  What was that about "using people"?  These cynical
Jesuits believe everyone is of the same ilk as themselves.

On the contrary, the PCP aims to follow the road of begining the socialist
revolution the very moment it crowns the democratic stage of the same, and
that requires to adhere to the mass line.  If we are to understand the
Cultural Revolution as an ongoing process of "changing people's outlook",
then there is no need to launch one as soon as political power is conquered,
since nothing changes the outlook of the downtrodden more than the conquest
of political power itself.  What is needed then is to bring this new outlook
into correspondance with the immediate tasks of the day, to put the economy
and society on a socialist footing by means of New Democracy and advancement
of socialist policies along with the basic masses, while taking into
consideration the interests of all classes within the people.

If one is to understand the Cultural Revolution as simply a "means to
prevent revisionism" (which is not, as we have already pointed out), then
the Party has also other methods such as rectification campaigns, which in
fact are undertaken periodically to weed out deviations and purgue the Party
>from infiltrators, revisionists and enemy agents.  Where is this idea of
"immediate Cultural Revolution" come from?  It comes from anarchist
demagogues bent in overturning the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist course of the
Peruvian revolution, and who are dreaming of "overthrows" day and night
while shooting themselves in the foot in the most consistent manner.

It comes from those wanting to caricaturise the PCP into a mad-cap
"ultra-Left" outfit of all struggle and no unity.  It fits like a glove the
nonsense of Avakian and the sectarians who want a Cultural Revolution and do
not realise that if any thing is really currently needed in that respect is
to change their own FEUDAL outlook which leads them to protect the traitors
because of their "family connections with Chairman Gonzalo and comrade
Norah".  There is a just a good target for rectification campaign as I ever
saw one!.

Another canard floated breezily by Gina is that about the "militarisation of
the Party" as a means of preventing revisionism.  The militarisation of the
Party has the purpose of making the Party fit for the People's War.  It is
the arming of the masses, the "militarisation of society" which aims to
expand democracy to the utmost in order to prevent the emergence of power
levers outside the Party and the proletarian control (i.e., the standing
army).  This can serve to prevent revisionism from staging coup the etats by
making civil war inevitable for any such enterprise of a clicque trying to
impose revisionist fascist dictatorship over the masses, but this will not
in itself prevent revisionism from getting a hold on society, on the minds
of people.

For example, if people in Peru were to become "dizzy with success" and would
want to "put their feet up" and be done with "revolutionary plain living and
the spirit of sacrifice" and have a go at "eating socialism" and such
developments are not counter-acted by rectification campaigns within the
Party and mass organisms, and, yes, Cultural Revolutions in society at
large, no amount of weapons in the hands of the masses would prevent
capitalist restoration from taking hold.

That is why, in aiming to change the "soul", the "outlook" of people by
fostering socialist and communist values, thus making of
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism a "living reality" by means of Cultural Revolution,
capitalist restoration can be prevented as a by-product of that struggle,
and if not sufficiently prevented by one such revolution, and restoration
nevertheless takes place, like in China, then other revolutions would be
necessary until all conditions permitting the rise of bourgeois relations
are finally obliterated and mankind would thus enter the realm of communism,
where no further need for revolutions as such will arise and no possibility
of restorations will occur either.

The last thing that Peru needs at the moment of triumph of the democratic
revolution is this kind of nonsense about "getting the jump on capitalist
roaders" when in fact the "capitalist roaders" are precisely those willing
to make anarchistic demagogy and plunge the revolution into further periods
of destruction for the sake of their own petty bourgeois capitalist class

What is needed then is actual construction of the new, and the discipline of
the new relations of production to take hold, a strong state capitalist
sector and a people's democratic dictatorship led by the proletariat by
means of its communist party capable of leading the country to the
"threshold of socialism" and beyond.  When that revolutionary spirit which
will lead the people in those lofty objectives begins to wane, and
"self-satisfaction" shall raise its revisionist head, then we Maoists have
already a method and an invencible weapon to continue the revolution under
conditions of proletarian dictatorship:  The Great Proletarian Cultural
Revolution!.  And we, who do not "play at revolution" will undoubtedly use
it and use it well, not once, or twice, but as many times as necessary.

I see now that Gina is only learned rank nonsense from "New Flag" school,
but it certainly is rank non-sense that dovetails to perfection with her 10
years in Avakian school, and thus, perfectly to her taste. Rank nonsense in
the general direction of been even more demagogic and petty bourgeois than
the American "ideologist's" own nonsense!  Fortunately, Maoism has nothing
in common with that!

Adolfo Olaechea

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