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Robert Malecki malecki at
Fri Jun 14 13:29:44 MDT 1996

The last few days a number of people have been putting forth the idea of the
working class being bought off or accepting handouts or whatever. Futhermore
trying to link this to other ideas that Lenin was wrong etc. In other words
putting the blame just about anywhere except the question of the crisis of a
Communist leadership both on the national levels and the international level..

I believe the people putting forth these ideas have shown a complete
ignorance of history or are trying to find excuses to get away from the
neccessity of building Leninists parties in a very underhanded way.
Futhermore these people gives me the feeling of a group of tired
intellectuals who basically have given up and then try to blame in on the
working class or Lenin...

I also think it is a myth! In fact the last fifty years the working class in
the advanced world have been living off the tremendous defeat of the German
working class which was the direct reason for the second world war which
layed a good part of Europe in ruins and a whole lot of other places as
well. 20 million Russians and untold millions and millions of other people
were destroyed in this imperialist blodbath. A good part of European
civilisation was left in a shambles.

This was the price of the last fifty years of relative class peace. However,
once again the basic forces of the imperialist era are heading towards a
showdown and a new redivision of the spoils of war. Our generation who has
been raised in this period of relative class peace and domination of
Imperialist and Stalinist politics have been outside of the great battles
that took place in the previous epoch. The destruction caused by the second
world war made the era of relative class peace longer then the period
between the first world war and the second. However we should not be fooled
into believing what some of the "marxists" on this list are trying to get us
to swallow. The era of imperialism and all it means has not changed anyway
that can fundementally change the marxist attitude of which class is the
revolutionary class and that the coming period will be a new period of the
rise of class struggle, wars and hopefully revolutions..

But the attitude on this list is more like people trying to grasp at straws
like the Zaps and Peruvian peasants or whatever as being the front line of
international class struggle. This is both ridiculous and shows what new
lows our "marxists" on this list sink in order to beat there breasts a bit.

The fundemental questions that will be decisive in the next period will once
again be on the European and Russian maps. And also in the far east with
China and Japan involved. The rope of imperialist contradictions is being
drawn tighter and tighter.A new big war is in the making and the various
imerialist powers are jockying for position..

The situation is Russia is turning towards a civil war, the Germans are
beginning to rearm and the British are turning away from Europe. The
enormous structual crisis for the national bougeoisies in Europe is
intensifying and the workers are slowly but surely beginning to realise that
somerthing is horribly wrong.

The present crisis is a crisis of leadership. It is because of the
tremendous defeats imposed on the working class both by imperialism and its
Stalinists and reformists leaders. Once again the question of socialism or
barbari is coming to the order of the day. Once again the working class of
Europe has not of yet a leadership with a program and party for victory.
That is the problem and nothing else..

The above i counter pose to all on this list who have been coming out of the
closet as of lately and laying blame on Lenin and the working class.

Warm Regards
malecki in exile...

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