Malecki on Gina: You have no idea how Right you are. . .

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Fri Jun 14 18:50:41 MDT 1996

Malecki says:
Gina who at least wants to get a handle on the class enemies who she
realises are the enemy. However Aldolfo even before taking power is
offering the bourgeoisie posts in the government..

MIM replies:

Wow, Malecki, you are the greatest thing since sliced bread. How
lucky we at MIM feel these days. First Quispe exposes himself as a
turncoat and wrecker in print no less, while handing out his
fabrications liberally.

Now you validate everything we said about Quispe and Avakianism
as crypto-Trotskyism. Malecki, you are absolutely right! You have
found your true friends! Let me encourage you not to stop with the
paltry Gina and Quispite reaction on this list. Get on and recruit
Avakian to open Trotskyism, and you'll have our full support. I only
wish we had a payroll to put you on. The
proper thing to do with these closet Trotskyists is to "out" them!

Before you start your mission you should
buy MIM Theory #9 with the article, "RCP-USA & Trotsky: A Literal
Comparison." Come on; send your $5 plus whatever postage it takes
to get a magazine to you to PO Box 3576, Ann Arbor, MI 48106 USA

(But don't be too loud about it, because Quispe is still trying to
pretend MIM hasn't published any criticisms of the RCP in a long
time while the CRCPA sectarian from Australia wants to make out
like we've been in unity with the PCP-criticized RCP-USA since 1988.
Malecki, I'm sure you wouldn't want to undermine your disinforming
comrades there.)

The only problem with Quispe is that since he is on a police mission
regarding dividing the movement to support the People's War in
Peru right now, he has to plagiarize and fabricate documents from
people who are still alive and can stop him! He is forced to ply his
trade where there are many who catch on, and thus he is forced
to be your instant friend, Malecki.

Avakian is smarter. He knows enough to plagiarize from dusty,
historical books, and wait at least a few years after the book is
published before he plagiarizes it. Quispe does it right in front of
people's faces. I'm sure a principled man like Malecki would not
stand for it and he will out those bastard RCP leaders in a second.

The rest of you should send your money for MIM Theory #10
so you can attack MIM's line on the dictatorship of the proletariat.
The cover reads: "Coming to grips with the LABOR ARISTOCRACY."
The quote on the cover reads, "At the expense of the plundered
colonial peoples capital corrupted its wage slaves, created a
community of interest between the exploited and the exploiters as
against the oppressed colonies--the yellow, black, and red colonial
peoples--and chained the European and American working class to
the imperialist 'fatherland.'"--COMINTERN, March, 1919

Already MIM Theory #10 is a hit because it contains the quote from
Mao that Quispe called "cunning Yankee revisionist"!

For the rest of you cheapskates:

WWW: http//

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