Government manipulation of Peru press

Luis Quispe lquispe at
Fri Jun 14 19:16:12 MDT 1996

Luis: We read the Interpress articles few weeks ago. Two points that
the liberal media outside Peru is still trying to misinform the public
to the benefit of the regime and U.S. imperialism are:
1) To create the impresion that the PCP is split, and 2) to reintroduce
the old tactic of linking revolution with narcotraficking. The challenge
for us is to demonstrate and quantify in the simplest way as possible
the costs of the Peoples' War. How does the masses support such a huge
Party apparatus in the entire country, People's Army, and the actions in
the cities? How are the losses in terms of resources and lives? We'll
attempt to address these questions in a document we are preparing.

The enemy is not saying "Sendero is dead" anylonger. Now they
sustain that it is "contained" and the regime is able to carry out its
plans. However, the reality in the field doesn't reflect the idea of
contention, the initiative is back in the hands of the
revolution. The celebration of the 16th Aniversary is the clear proof.
Another offensive is coming up to celebrate the Day of Heroism (June
19th, 86) in which 300 prisoners of war were murdered by the army. The
actions will show the reactionaries that we are aproaching another
stage of the war. According to La Republica (a newspaper close to
SIN), the regime suspect that 48 vehicles were confiscated by the
combatants, an indication that the 10th Anniversary of the Day of
Heroism will be celebrated with fireworks in Peru.

Fujimori is arresting innocent people to maintain its futile press campaign
of maintaining his offensive against the Maoist combatants. The same role
is playing the unfair arrest of Julian S. calero who is being kept in total
isolation in the infamous Federal Drtention Center of Manhattan, NYC
for more than one week. We must fight and prevent his deportation.


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