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Luis Quispe lquispe at blythe.org
Fri Jun 14 20:10:28 MDT 1996

> 	There has been much discussion of the ways that the Zapatistas
> have effectively used communications channels to get there message across,
> and avoid being labeled as terrorists. The Communist Party of Peru has not
> been able to do this.

This is a half truth. Any main stream liberal media, even CBS 60 minutes
does propaganda for the Zapatistas because they are not a threat to
the Mexican State neither the interests of imperialism in Mexico. All they
ask for is reforms that "the same liberals" in the US or any imperialist
country would demand. The Zapatistas do not struggle for the Conquest of
Power and the expulsion of imperialism, for Socialism and Communism like
the PCP does.

> 	Adolfo, is there a strategy outside of the Sol Peru Committees
> that the PCP can use the counter the prevailing opinion that they are
> nothing more than savage terrorists?
There are the MPPs, organizations generated by the PCP. There are Support
and Solidarity Groups in many countries. What true revolution wasn't call
"terrorist" by Imperialism, mainly U.S. imperialism? The slanders of
imperialists and the anti-Communist Yankees doesn't bother us. However,
some sectors of the progressive movement is indeed confused. We will
catch up with them and show them that the real savage terrorist is
Yankee imperialism and its puppet Fujimori in Peru.

 Why do you think it is that the
> Zapatistas have been so popular, while the Shining Path have been
> ridiculed? By now, if you one grain of revolutionary, you should
avoid using the bull shit term "Shining Path." The Zapatistas may be
"popular" in liberal quarters in the U.S. but not with Communists and
revolutinaries in the world. The PCP is not ridiculed, it is feared by
the enemy. Just recall what Torricelli said in the Senate: "The deadliest
revolutionary movement in the Western Hemisphere." You should investigate
the losses of U.S. imperialism in Peru since 1980. Then, you would say that
the Zapatistas are only "Cardboax revolutionaries" that are melting like
an ice cone.

> 	If the Shining Path takes state power someday in Peru, what will
> be its first actions to ensure the survival of its revolution? Please
> supply a reply yourself, or direct me to a text on the webpage.

Well, I am sure Olaechea can respond your question. But The New Flag
runs the Web page. Read the Interview of President Gonzalo. I believe
is p. 54.


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