Malecki on Gina: You have no idea how Right you are. . .

Luis Quispe lquispe at
Fri Jun 14 21:43:19 MDT 1996

 MIM we have a series of articles on you, but don't want to waste
 space as yet, there are more important things to do amongst the oppresed
 here in the real world than to pay attention to you in the net. We had a
 good laugh with your crap in Spanish, we'll make to send it to Peru so
 our C. there can also have a good laugh. We laugh when you call
 "centrista," a "weak source" to Olaechea. Also when you say: "Quispe gave
 MIM the greatest honor of the PCP calling us the Red fraction of RIM."
 Where you got that story? was it verbal, in writing or in thumb signs?
 I don't think you guys ever met people from the MPP? we communicated by
 mail, that was it? By the way, you never deny your letter we publish here.
 then you have to swallow your complaint it was fabricated.
 Our friends and Comrades tell us: "it is a
 good thing to be attacked by MIM." You keep talking that you have obtained
 a victory in the list, what was it? What does it mean Quispe exposes
 himself? first you say Quispe was a cop (an old Comrade laugh until
 he pissed on his pants with this cop thing.) You tribiliaze the cop
 story to the point that we can denounce the real cops anylonger.

 > Malecki says:
> Gina who at least wants to get a handle on the class enemies who she
> realises are the enemy. However Aldolfo even before taking power is
> offering the bourgeoisie posts in the government..
> MIM replies:
> Wow, Malecki, you are the greatest thing since sliced bread. How
> lucky we at MIM feel these days. First Quispe exposes himself as a
> turncoat and wrecker in print no less, while handing out his
> fabrications liberally.
It is easy to say turncoat, wrecker, cop, etc. but the point is to
substantiate them. That's why people laugh on you and do not take you
seriously. Do you want us to expose you more with more documents you
have send the MPPs here and Europe? You know these are not fabrications.
These will expose you as a reactioanary group even more. The P. doesn't
want to hear from you MIM, you should comply with the Order of getting out
>from our struggle to the fullest extent.

> Now you validate everything we said about Quispe and Avakianism
> as crypto-Trotskyism.
You said they were cops, do you mean crypto-Trotskist colonels?
MIM you are incorregible, a laughing stock.

 Malecki, you are absolutely right! You have
> found your true friends! Let me encourage you not to stop with the
> paltry Gina and Quispite reaction on this list.
You want my opinion on Mr. Malacki? He has a revolutionary record that we
respect regardless of his ideology. But you MIM has no record at all.
Except the reactionary anti-Maoist ideas you hold: 1) all white workers are
reactionary, 2) all sexual intercourse is rape, 3) the PCP uphold MIM
thought, 4) RIM is getting closer to MIM, 5) MIM suspends support to the PCP
6) MIM pickets against press strikers in Detroit, 7) MIM uncover police
complot of MPP-USA, 8) MIM request the PCP to fire Quispe, 9) MIM makes
a distinction between revisionist cops, revisionists, and revolutionary
cops, 10) Come on send some money to MIM franchise...etc.

> Before you start your mission you should
> buy MIM Theory #9 with the article, "RCP-USA & Trotsky: A Literal
> Comparison." Come on; send your $5 plus whatever postage it takes
> to get a magazine to you to PO Box 3576, Ann Arbor, MI 48106 USA
MIM is just like the RCP, a merchant. Why don't you 5 guys open a
bookstore MA-1000?

> (But don't be too loud about it, because Quispe is still trying to
> pretend MIM hasn't published any criticisms of the RCP in a long
> time while the CRCPA sectarian from Australia wants to make out
> like we've been in unity with the PCP-criticized RCP-USA since 1988.
Shameless MIM, how can you deny it? It is in print in your papers.
CRCPA is a serious revolutionary Maoist organization, far to be sectarian.

> The only problem with Quispe is that since he is on a police mission
> regarding dividing the movement to support the People's War in
> Peru right now,
Silly MIM. You would say better: Police mission to divide what can not be
divided anymore, the new atom discovered in the periodic table: MIMmie.
By the way, where is the real MImie that used to post to this list?
Does she/he has to do anythimng with MIM?

 he has to plagiarize and fabricate documents from
> people who are still alive and can stop him!
You needs facts MIM, otherwise you are a joke. Why don't you provide one
singkle document to proof your case? Anyone can claim as a defense
mechanism "fraud," "fabrication," "Avakianist," "CIA agent,"  etc. but
if you don't corroborate, they are garbage. We are in new times than
the Goebbels' era who used to say "repeat lies and lies, something will
become into truth," there cannot be a dupe who can believe your nonsense.

> trade where there are many who catch on, and thus he is forced
> to be your instant friend, Malecki.
We have never asked Mr. Malecki to be our friend. It doesn't mean that he
doesn't merit respect from us and anybody else in this list. He is smart
and make sometimes a good point. But MIM you don't make sense most of the
time, especially when you try to comment on the People's War, you sound like
a vulgar Senderologist.

> Avakian is smarter.
MIM: "RIM is getting closer to MIM...Avakian is smart...Quispe please Order
me to be the Red fraction of MIM...Oleachea please Order me to fuck off."
MIM you are ridiculous!

 Quispe does it right in front of
> people's faces.
Proof, substance...if not, it is rubbish. Many reactioanries we attack
claimed "falsification" as a defense mechanism. We smashed the Zodiac
(he fabricated a message from us, he said is was a Marxist joke and at the
end someone clarified better what was Zodiac's role. He left with his
tail under his legs.) We also denounced other scoundrels with facts and they
know it well. And will continue to do so if they deserve.

 I'm sure a principled man like Malecki would not
> stand for it and he will out those bastard RCP leaders in a second.
We read in the RW that the RCP will make a major inroad into the Internet.
We anticipate the little MIM jumping in bed and being raped by the "smart"
 The rest of you should send your money for MIM Theory #10
Give money, money and money...Yankee revisionist and trafficker, why don't
you open your shop and become a non-profit organization like Revolutioanary

> Already MIM Theory #10 is a hit because it contains the quote from
> Mao that Quispe called "cunning Yankee revisionist"!
I didn't know that Mao was a Yankee revisionist. Probable Quispe was
referring to your bald head leader in Michigan (M-5 b.s.)

> For the rest of you cheapskates:
> WWW: http//
> Read the PCP Web page:

> Regards to all. Jesuits, yankee revisionists, liberal and revisionist cops.
> Marcelina.
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