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Fri Jun 14 22:38:27 MDT 1996

Louis (P) writes:

> It has taken the Indians of Peru and
>Chiapas to wipe the grin off of finance capital. How appropriate for
>the earliest victims of European colonialism and exploitation to be rising
>up during a period when the bourgeoisie seems dominant.

Louis (G):  While I sympathize with the spirit of Louis (P)'s remarks, I
must dissent from the notion (widely shared, incidentally) that either the
EZLN or the PCP are "Indian" movements.    This is not only factually wide
of the mark, it suggests an ethnocentrism that neither movement would
readily lay claim to.

It is true that in Chiapas, the peasant Zapatista movement counts a majority
of Indians and "mixed bloods" among its rank and file, though its leadership
is more diverse.    Ideologically, it embraces a nascent peasant
nationalism; it is not, in any political sense, an "Indian movement."

 It is equally true that the People's War in Peru began in Ayacucho,
primarily among the descendents of the Incas.   Yet the PW itself,  is a
mass movement of peasants, workers, and others led by the Communist Party of
Peru.   It is a war peopled by all races and nationalities of Peru.
Bearing any inscription other than that of its class is anathema to them.
To label them with the sweeping designation of "Indian" is misleading in the

          Louis Godena

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