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I think that Quispes answer is very good. Louis could you give me some more
information about what "US imperialism" lost since 1980? I am extremely
interested in this.

malecki in exile...

>> 	There has been much discussion of the ways that the Zapatistas
>> have effectively used communications channels to get there message across,
>> and avoid being labeled as terrorists. The Communist Party of Peru has not
>> been able to do this.
>This is a half truth. Any main stream liberal media, even CBS 60 minutes
>does propaganda for the Zapatistas because they are not a threat to
>the Mexican State neither the interests of imperialism in Mexico. All they
>ask for is reforms that "the same liberals" in the US or any imperialist
>country would demand. The Zapatistas do not struggle for the Conquest of
>Power and the expulsion of imperialism, for Socialism and Communism like
>the PCP does.
>> 	Adolfo, is there a strategy outside of the Sol Peru Committees
>> that the PCP can use the counter the prevailing opinion that they are
>> nothing more than savage terrorists?
>There are the MPPs, organizations generated by the PCP. There are Support
>and Solidarity Groups in many countries. What true revolution wasn't call
>"terrorist" by Imperialism, mainly U.S. imperialism? The slanders of
>imperialists and the anti-Communist Yankees doesn't bother us. However,
>some sectors of the progressive movement is indeed confused. We will
>catch up with them and show them that the real savage terrorist is
>Yankee imperialism and its puppet Fujimori in Peru.
> Why do you think it is that the
>> Zapatistas have been so popular, while the Shining Path have been
>> ridiculed? By now, if you one grain of revolutionary, you should
>avoid using the bull shit term "Shining Path." The Zapatistas may be
>"popular" in liberal quarters in the U.S. but not with Communists and
>revolutinaries in the world. The PCP is not ridiculed, it is feared by
>the enemy. Just recall what Torricelli said in the Senate: "The deadliest
>revolutionary movement in the Western Hemisphere." You should investigate
>the losses of U.S. imperialism in Peru since 1980. Then, you would say that
>the Zapatistas are only "Cardboax revolutionaries" that are melting like
>an ice cone.
>> 	If the Shining Path takes state power someday in Peru, what will
>> be its first actions to ensure the survival of its revolution? Please
>> supply a reply yourself, or direct me to a text on the webpage.
>Well, I am sure Olaechea can respond your question. But The New Flag
>runs the Web page. Read the Interview of President Gonzalo. I believe
>is p. 54.
>> Kevin
>> Cols, Oh
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