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Sat Jun 15 01:38:17 MDT 1996

>On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, Luis Quispe <lquispe at> wrote:
>>Luis: This merits a response with a serious article. It is not only
>>the program of the Democratic Revolution before (in the People's
>>Committees) and after (the People's Republic of New Democracy) in
>>question, it is the dynamic of the class struggle betwen those who
>>follow the simultaneos path of the Party of the proletariat towards
>>socialism or those who propose the full development of capitalism to wipe
>>out feudalism in the countryside first. Peru is Peru, a semi-colonial and
>>semi-feudal society. More soon.
>Jay:  Yeah, right "quispe" more soon as soon as you hear from your
>handlers, and they tell you what line you should put out this week.
>We are always interested in what the avakianist/europeanMPP have to say!
Hi Jay,

Did you have anything "political" to say about this struggle?

malecki in exile

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