Labor Party or Labor fakers party ?

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Sat Jun 15 02:01:25 MDT 1996

Dear friends,

Well I guess the  LPs convention and pre-convention antics speak for themselves.
What in the heck is a Labor Party if it not established  on the basis of the
class struggle of workers??
What kind of Labor Party is this that won't even take a public statnd of
fighting tooth and nail the Democrats and Republicans?? Even oppose this!
The  left posturing hacks and their hangers on  that head up this farce  are
giving  workers a hole in the graveyard filled with mostly empty demagogy. Their
real treasure ( also stolen from workers) is still with the $50 millions + of
AFL/CIOs COPE political action fund -- 98% of this goes to Democrats , about 2%
to Republicans!! NO opposition form the LP!
The LP is a corral for the AFL hacks to pen- in their disgusted and angry
who can only puke on them now when they are given their usual diet of AFL/CIO
ballot  choices--ALL  henchmen of the bourgeoisie if in fact they are not
bourgeois themselves!
The LP tells us something. The union fakers are getting nervous about the still
disorganized and confused anger coming up from below. They are scared
they wont be able to deliver for the capitalists and keep the workers under
control. They see what happened recently in France and Germany , etc
 The rich bribe these  labor "lieutenants"  for protection against the workers
struggles , They want their moneys worth and the AF of Hell  has been a damn
good investment for them too!

Do any of you on this list think the AFL labor judases will really stand up
for  working women,  black people, IMMIGRANTS, the unorganized, etc.?
They wont lift a   living finger to protect their own duespayers!!

I am one of those. Workers do need industrial and political
organization , real groups of their own ,  new ones which we must
reconstruct  in class actions, meetings  , today and in the future.

The flag kissing LP honchos would not even support  cuttiing  the US war budget!

The reformists who raised this demand are probably decent types but to
the AFL/CIO apologists  even these milquetoast demands  probably  are considered
"treason" to the capitalist system the union  hackdom  supports.


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