Labor Party or Labor fakers party ?

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Jun 15 03:28:38 MDT 1996

>Dear friends,
>Well I guess the  LPs convention and pre-convention antics speak for
>What in the heck is a Labor Party if it not established  on the basis of the
>class struggle of workers??
>What kind of Labor Party is this that won't even take a public statnd of
>fighting tooth and nail the Democrats and Republicans?? Even oppose this!
>The  left posturing hacks and their hangers on  that head up this farce  are
>giving  workers a hole in the graveyard filled with mostly empty demagogy.
>real treasure ( also stolen from workers) is still with the $50 millions + of
>AFL/CIOs COPE political action fund -- 98% of this goes to Democrats , about 2%
>to Republicans!! NO opposition form the LP!
>The LP is a corral for the AFL hacks to pen- in their disgusted and angry
>who can only puke on them now when they are given their usual diet of AFL/CIO
>ballot  choices--ALL  henchmen of the bourgeoisie if in fact they are not
>bourgeois themselves!
>The LP tells us something. The union fakers are getting nervous about the
>disorganized and confused anger coming up from below. They are scared
>they wont be able to deliver for the capitalists and keep the workers under
>control. They see what happened recently in France and Germany , etc
> The rich bribe these  labor "lieutenants"  for protection against the workers
>struggles , They want their moneys worth and the AF of Hell  has been a damn
>good investment for them too!
>Do any of you on this list think the AFL labor judases will really stand up
>for  working women,  black people, IMMIGRANTS, the unorganized, etc.?
>They wont lift a   living finger to protect their own duespayers!!
>I am one of those. Workers do need industrial and political
>organization , real groups of their own ,  new ones which we must
>reconstruct  in class actions, meetings  , today and in the future.
>The flag kissing LP honchos would not even support  cuttiing  the US war
>The reformists who raised this demand are probably decent types but to
>the AFL/CIO apologists  even these milquetoast demands  probably  are
>"treason" to the capitalist system the union  hackdom  supports.
Hi Neil,

For once i agree with you about the Labor party...Too bad the convention
turned out to be a bureaucratic flop...And as you say just the fact that it
happened says that thing are beginning to happen in the ranks..

warm regards
malecki in exile...

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