upheavals in England, 1640 - 1848

Adam Rose adam at pmel.com
Fri Jun 14 03:07:35 MDT 1996

Gary writes:

> He argues that this is simply not
> possible.  Why precisely I am not sure.  But I can see the case that the
> horrific  problems of primitive accumulation were hidden in the case say of
> England e.g.  the Irish Famine, and that if that particvular event had
> happened within the borders of the English state then there would have been
> much more upheaval.

What !?

Do I have to list the upheavals associated with the rise of capitalism in England ?

Continuous upheavals through the early 1700's - read the London Hanged by Peter
Linbaugh. Also early trade unionism.

1780's ( Gourdon riots etc )

Ian Gilmour, an ex TORY minister wrote a book about 1750 - 1800 called

1790's ( the Jacobin agitation )

Resistance to enclosures, before, during and after this period.

1810's - the Luddites
1830's Owenite general unionism
1838 onwards Chartism

How much upheaval do you want !?


Adam Rose


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