Is this the MIM on this list?

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Jun 15 11:15:50 MDT 1996

found the below on news and wonder if this is the same MIM that has been
attacking the Red Flag people. If it is, Aldolfo has found some really nice
bed partners other then Martens..

Warm Regards
malecki in exile..

Chris Faatz wrote:

> If this were an MIM newsgroup, this would be called a "pig" question.
> Are numbers really public knowledge?
> C

On the other hand, since MIM

(1)Has made it very clear that they "don't support" the strike
in Detroit and regularly uses the scab paper as a source in
articles(thereby actively taking the side of the capitalists
against the reviled "labor aristocracy"),

(2)Refuses to defend Chechnya, apperantly as a sort of twisted
gesture of loyalty towards Stalin's memory(in the same article
as there declaration of "nuetrality" on Chechnya they defended
Stalin's action in deporting the entire nationality to Siberia
during WWII),

(3)Denounced all socialists who opposed NAFTA as racists and
national chauvinists until the Zapatista urpising, at which
point they rapidly and oppurtunistically changed position,

(4)Uncritically supports Senderista car-bombing of United
Left activists and contributes to the Gonzalo personality
cult(while at the same time revering Mao for supposedly
"abolishing his own personality cult") through "socialist-
realist" cartoons in MIM NOTES

(5)Didn't endorse the Free Mumia movement until about 5 minutes
before the death warrant was suspended, and at that mainly
intervened in the campaign in the form of denunciations of
the comparison with the Rosenburgs favored by the Spartacists
as "racist" and vigorously opposing calling Mumia a "political
prisoner" unlike normal prisoners because "all prisoners are
political prisoners" arguably MIM is a "pig" (or "scab") organization, or
alternately "Huffington International Bolsheviks"(one step
down from Life-of-Brian-Bolshevism, which is at least some
what well-intended!)


Ben(a "revisionist," one step above "pig," one step below
"capitalist-roader," probably about "1% correct")

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