Marxism on IRC

Thomas P. Murray tommym1 at
Sat Jun 15 13:14:11 MDT 1996

                  Someone posted about Marxism on IRC(internet relay-
   chat)There is (was) a channel #marxism,but it was rarely used.At
   times some Italian communists would show up,they were interesting
   to talk to,but their english was limited.
                   The Right Wing is well represented on IRC just
   check out channel #politics,some leftists show up there,but are
   far outnumbered by the right wing.There is (was) a #cpusa channel
   but I think it was private,for invited members.
                   One of the best IRC programs is Mirc,great features
   and easy to set up it also allows two people to talk directly-out
   side of a set chat group.Another good program is POW WOW it allows
   up to seven people to join in a conference call.Then there is FREE-
   TEL,it has voice and text,and is fairly reliable.All three of these
   programs can be down loaded for free.

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