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Sat Jun 15 14:14:28 MDT 1996

Louis Godena

Dear marxism list:

Our beloved comrade Zeynep faxed this to me last night.   Her server,
apparently, is still down.  I posted this once but it apparently never made
the list.

Let's try it again.

Hello comrades,

I'm collecting messages of solidarity, for an event that will take place
tomorrow.    (I'm late!)  It is commemorating 15-16th June 1970, when a very
harsh anti-union bill was crushed by very widespread worker resistance when
hundreds of thousands of workers poured into the streets.   It was a turning
point in Turkey, as it was the first time the working class had so actively,
effectively, and populously defended its rights to organise, associate and
engage in collective bargaining.

Also, you may get a "hello" out of any organization, trade union and/or
relevant body that might like to salute the 25th anniversary of the landmark
event, and I'll include it.

We'll have a wonderful amateur theatre group, good music and I'm sure some
will be brave enough to use the opportunity to dance a bit, yeah lotsa
slogans, and a message of hope.

I know I'm late.   It just dawned on me that there might be many who'd want
to say a hello.    Sign your name/party/ affiliation, whatever.   Anything
you want to say, I promise to translate verbatim, unless its a 30 minute speech.

Messages from abroad help that feeling of internationalism take root.

Yes, please do forward this post, anywhere you want.

All invited.


Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!


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