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At 12:55 PM 6/15/96, Paul Lennon wrote:
>I think Gary missed a lot of the point of "Heaven's Gate." The big
>ranchers met at Harvard years before.They are not peasants, nor merely
>entrepreneurs--they are ruling class.Ultimately, they declare war on
>the ragtag bunch of immigrants, sheep farmers, etc., and literally
>hire an army to wipe them out, somewhat like in "Matewan." "Heaven's
>Gate" is class war in the old west. The film received unprecedented
>critical attacks before it even opened, but the focus was on its
>length and looseness. Perhaps true, but I never doubted the reason for
>the attacks.                                - Lennon in Jersey
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HEAVEN'S GATE was a heavy-handed attempt by Cimino to make up for his
racist, reactionary DEER HUNTER.  Yes it had an allegedly left-wing, "class
struggle," revisionist view of the West and the Johnson County wars.  But
so what?  It was a sprawling, stupid, self-indulgent mess (see the 4-hour
version) that deserved every bit of harsh criticism it got.  Let's not be
taken in by everything that appears to be well meaning.

Martin Jukovsky
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Martin Jukovsky
Cambridge, Mass.

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