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Subject: Party Reconstruction

Dear Ray,

Keep up this debate ! If I was not a dialectic materialist, I would think
maybe there is something to psychic phenomena. Your view remind
me of the mills I was pulled thru in "democratic centralist parties"
Trotskyist--  Rev. Soc. League US
Maoist-Leninist --Marxist Leninist Party USA
These groups may have been "good" relative to the others around  too!

In 15 or so years of this experiience with this type "leadership"
most all you say in criticism rings true.
The "omniscient " central committeeism
The follow the leaders syndrome -fear of speaking out/being isolated
by groupie types, cabalism , etc
 Org like Military ranks in unofficial way--privates , sergeants , captains all
the way to Generals (with very puffed-up  petit bourgeois egos too!)

NEEDED- less neo- militarist centralism -more democracy  for ranks below

Your correctives are sound--
Resolutions to Congresses must originate in the local Branches
Internal Press not monopoly of CC--Special branch members elected at congress to
supervise this IP circulation.
CC chosen first by election -then by lot?? Ray , this may put kabosh on
powermongers but would we get the best most experienced/dedicated people??

All party members treated as equals --no more left " cult leader maximos"- many
not even privy to any  direct class combat - wearing the de-facto  party
generals epaulettes!
I have experienced this type in both Dem/Cent groups I was in. I can say that
this type of blowhard and windbag does much to keep workers away form the party.
Of course the objective and subjective problems in the working class
is not going to lead to mass recruitment now anyway as this can come in periods
of rising class conflict.

Communist fractions now however can move to sort out our own org. contadictions.
These contradictions lead me to take a serious look at the  marxist groups of
the communist -left, CWO/UK, subversion/UK, ICC, ICG, Belgium. Their party
conceptions seem more proletarian controlled and operated from the base.


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