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Sun Jun 16 01:20:39 MDT 1996

Neither Adolfo or Luis claim to be members of the PCP.
Neither Adolfo or Luis claim to be the appointed channel of
communications for the PCP,
though both imply they are confident
that their contacts, perhaps through second or third sources,
are more in touch with central PCP thinking.

I suspect the truth is that the PCP is not fully decided,
in terms of having held a carefully prepared Central Committee
meeting able to make a definitive change to its previous
positions. It is quite possible that both Adolfo and Luis
interpret signals coming indirectly from different
people within the PCP as supporting their respective positions.
The PCP is after all not a monolith.

This means that all of us have to read these contrasting
contributions taking the responsibility to judge the likely
relevance of what is posted.

There is also a strange symmetry in the serious allegations
that Luis and Ken
are police agents. I have absolutely no doubt that there are
police agents on this l'st. It would be negligent of the state
if there were not. All the more reason why ordinary flame wars
should not without careful argument be attributed to the
work of police agents.

Yes, Marcelina posted angrily and intemperately when she thought
Luis was under attack. The fact that Tony's hair is most unlikely
to reach the ground does not obviate the reader from the
obligation to consider whether the comment was meant literally.

It is alleged that on one occasion Marcelina wrote a post suggesting
she was a man. I suggest that readers are under some obligation to
notice that English does not appear to be Marcelina's mother tongue
and genders sometimes get mixed up. If anyone really wants to
pursue this could they give the quote and a comparative passage?

Similarly the fact that Ken asked "questions, questions... "
does not mean automatically that he is a police spy. When he
reacted to the publication of private mail on the l'st by
to my way of thinking squirting a large amount of ink likely to
protect and confuse, (like an attacked squid - that's not
meant to be an attack Ken, what you did was remarkable, and it
is an attempt to understand it) that does not
mean he was literally trying to ensure that Luis was going
to be charged with mishandling credit cards.

So they both think the other is a police spy, and a few onlookers
like MIM, C, and Rolf, agree. But IMHO the onlookers are under
an obligation to read carefully too.

Another plea then: Flame wars are flame wars, but if
you really want to make an allegation of misusing money or
being in the direct pay of the enemy, please be very precise
and prudent. Only by keeping the disussion of complex questions
reasonably orderly, do we have a chance of protecting ourselves
>from provocation, harrassment and disruption, from real enemies.

Chris Burford

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