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Robert Malecki malecki at
Sun Jun 16 06:15:20 MDT 1996

So you answer is that you support the line of Aldolfo and Martens on
Peru.That is interesting because Aldolfo,s line of a "national democratc"
revolution and inviting the bougeoisie to seats in his dictatorship of the
proletariat, i disagree with totally.

The rest of your answer is just a repeat of accusing people of beings
cops,agents, cyber liberals and all the rest which says nothing.

Naturally you did not say Yes or No to the letter yesterday i posted from
news asking you if this is the MIM...

So i guess we will have to wait and see exactly what it is you stand for
besides the name calling..

As far as the questions on the RCP and stuff. It is pretty difficult for me
to answer where they stand. as i understand it they are an American maoist
organisation of some sort. However i have been living in exile over 24 years
and not had contact with this part of the American left. And i don,t think
the RCP as of yet has presented itself on this list.

Warm Regards
malecki in exile...

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