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       Subject: Update on solidarity-actions in Turkey


Saturday, June 8, `96:

Relatives of the prisoners, union members, party chairmen and
civil workers from several organisations gathered. The relatives
protested against the situation of the political prisoners. 2.000
people were arrested when the police attacked the crowd, among
them the chairmen of the KESK (civil workers union),
representatives from several organisations and reporters who were
in Istanbul to cover the Habitat conference. 18 lawyers were
detained for several hours after they protested against the
attacks by the police.

Sunday, June 9. `96:

People gathered in Aksaray, answering a call from the KESK, to
protest against the arrests. The police surrounded Aksaray all
the way to Vatan Caddesi and many people were arrested. The
People's Lawyers Office (HHB) protested at the Chamber of
Barristers in Istanbul to notify them about the police attacks.
Representatives from 150 organisations gathered in a yard of the
ITU in Taskisia. The protested with their mouths covered against
the attacks by the police and they demanded the release of those
who were arrested the previous day. 600 people from several
countries signed a petition in which they demanded "No to the
police, yes to freedom of speech".

Monday, June 10, 1996:

The relatives from the prisoners gathered in front of the prisons
in Ankara. They carried a banner with the text "The anger of the
mothers will suffocate the murderers", "We will not watch
silently while our children are being murdered", "We gave them
birth, we will not have them murdered", "The operations must be
stopped". 600 people gathered in Zafer-Carsisi after a call by
the KESK.

The prisoners in Bayrampasa and Nevsehir decided not to attend
their trials anymore.

Tuesday, June 11, 1996:

Sali: 150 representatives from several organisations from several
countries are in the yard of the police station to demand the
release of all the detainees. From this day day on they occupy
this yard everyday.

Wednesday, June 12, `96:

The Platform of support groups of the prisoners on hungerstrike
protested on Taksim-square with slogans and banners. 60
protesters were attacked by 100 policemen from the special units.
More than 40 people were beaten into a bus and arrested. The
Kurtulus bureau in Adana was attacked today by the police. One
person, Deniz Karacan, was arrested.

Thursday, June 13

The 150 occupiers of the policeyard, sent a pettion to the
Turkish government in which they demanded the immidiate release
of the more than 2000 arrested persons. This petition was signed
by more than 600 organisation.


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