Communism's name

Paul Gallagher pcg at
Sun Jun 16 12:32:21 MDT 1996

> I recall, some years ago, an interview with Margerite Duras, the French
> novelist and radical, who proclaimed proudly--this was during the crisis of
> 1989-1991--that "I am still a Communist!"   She was asked about the PCF.
> "The PCF has nothing to do with communism!"  she snapped.
>                                                Louis Godena

Do you know anything more about (the late) Duras's political views
in the 80's?  If she was "still a Communist," that's good to know.  I
was under the impression that she had gone over to the right.

That reminds me of a question: Why do so many leftists end up on the


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