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Sun Jun 16 14:20:32 MDT 1996

    Rahul, you have no idea how deeply stupid "intelligence agents" can
be. When back in the early 80s my daughter applied for her FBI file
under the FOIA, we discovered that the FBI had spent thousands, perhaps
100s of thousands off and on shadowing or investigating her--because
she was on one of the Venceremos Brigades to Cuba. There were a couple
hundred pages of the report blacked out "to maintain privacy"--though
the "privacy" being maintained was undoubtedly that of me and my
second wife. Had we applied to our files, hundreds of pages would have
been blacked out to maintain my daughter's privacy.

    Also, some group in Michigan carried out a suit to have all files
of the State Red Squad sent to their subjects. I found out that one
of the State Police "spies" was a Univ. of Mich. student who volunteered
to work in the day care center for the 1970 national conventin of the New
University Conference in Ann Arbor. They had also taken down the licence
plates of all out-of-state cars in Ann Arbor at the time of the Peace
and Freedom Convention in 68--and hence got my Illinois address on their
records. (I had first got on their files 5 years BEFORE I became active
in politics. I taughte for two years at Northern Michigan College in

Marquette Michigan, and had attracted the attention of some local bircher
by writing a sneering letter about Huac's Movie, *Operation Abolition*.
She wrote the state police, and they even interviewed two administrators
at Northern. The linked that file to my later file when they found my
Illinois Plates parked in Ann Arbor in 1968.

    Two FBI operatives showed up in my living room in 1970 or so--and
it wasn't until I had already kicked them out that it occurred to me
that those two knew nothing of *my* political activities--they were just
there to hassle the parents of a Venceremos Brigade member. So probably
there are agents from two or three different Intelligence Agencies on
this net, none knowing of the other ones.

On June 20 you responded to Chris as follows:

> Chris:
> >I have absolutely no doubt that there are
> >police agents on this l'st. It would be negligent of the state
> >if there were not.
> We've had some pretty stupid people in "intelligence" here in the States,
> but none stupid enough to take this list seriously.
> Rahul
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