MIM replies to Malecki

Maoist Internationalist Movement mim3 at blythe.org
Sun Jun 16 16:58:29 MDT 1996

Malecki says:
> Naturally you did not say Yes or No to the letter yesterday i posted
> news asking you if this is the MIM...
> Warm Regards
> malecki in exile...

Paul Gallagher says:
Your question was hard to understand.  I suspect the Trotskyist you
quoted was referring to MIM, but he was joking.  There is no news
group devoted to MIM.

The writer, Chris Faatz, was posting on alt.politics.socialism.trotsky.

I suspect he was referring to the Maoist Internationalist Movement,
but why you would ask MIM to clarify a Trotskyist's joke about them
is hard to understand.


MIM adds:

Yes, Malecki, not so fast. You charged us with avoiding political
questions. Now please go back and answer our 15 yes or no
questions. We expect you to be occupied till August. Yes, RCP-USA is
not apparently on the list, but that is no excuse for not reading their
publications. It's difficult to have an intelligent conversation about
anything without doing a little homework. However, the difference
between your kind of Trotskyism and RCP-USA crypto-Trotskyism is
so small that it won't matter if you put your own name in where the
RCP-USA's name is. And if you don't like to comment on the u.s. class
structure, substitute Sweden for it.

But as for your first question about the strike of imperialist
mouthpieces in Detroit, that can all be read right here in the
"Marxism List" archives and revisited in the May 1, 1996 MIM Notes.
In the glorious history of your like to rally behind semi-proletarians
and imperialist mouthpieces, we can see on September 22, 1995 a
message recorded for history attacking Mexicans as scabs.

MIM was the only writer on this list to denounce the garbage. Three
days later, we thank the person making the attack for retracting it as
false. However, we think the Mexican scab issue is typical of where
the line organizing in response to every labor aristocracy noise leads.
It reveals only too clearly the glue that holds your class coalition
together--white nationalism.


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