"The Four" & events in China '76 (11): Intl. verdict 1/2

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"The Four" & events in China '76 (11): Intl. verdict 1/2 [Sent: 17.06.96]

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In this posting in the series on this subject, I bring a list of all
the congratulatory messages, in October-November 1976, from parties
and other organizations with which the Communist Party of China at
that time maintained relations, to Hua Guofeng congratulating him
on his assuming the post of Chairman of the CPC. Or, to be exact,
of all those which were published in the weekly Peking Review.

In posting (9), I've already reproduced one which, scandalously
and very ominously, wasn't published but was totally suppressed.
As readers who study these matters will see, that was the most
important of them all: The telegram from Chairman Klaus Sender
of the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT), Germany.

Hua Guofeng was elected First Vice-Chairman on 07.04.76 on
the proposal of Chairman Mao, who passed away on 09.09.76.
He assumed the post as Chairman under the circumstances of his
dealing the one of the two bourgeois groupings in the CPC at
that time, the phoney"left" Gang of Four, a big blow on 06.10.76
when all its four members were arrested for attempting to usurp
Party and state power. At the same time, he and the people
around him - initially - promised to continue the criticism of Deng
Xiaoping, who led the other bourgeois grouping and who had
been dismissed from all posts on 07.04.76. That is, at this point
in time, he - in words at least - continued Mao Zedong's line.

Therefore, as can be seen below, Hua Guofeng at this point
received overwhelming support from the international Marxist-
Leninist movement. In the Peking Review, 48 messages of
congratulations to him, from organizations in 37 countries, were
published. (I'm not counting here the messages from heads of
state or government.) Each of these messages of course also
meant, directly or indirectly, a condemnation of the Gang of

In the discussions on the Marxism list, it has recently been
claimed that the question of the character of the Gang of Four
has "not" been settled in the international communist movement.
But, as is shown by this posting and also by items (9), (10), (12)
and (the later) (13) of this series, of course this question was
settled, and in an overwhelmingly clear and massive manner too,
in 1976. Only because of the imperialists' and their agents' later
suppression of information and their cutting off of variuos
revolutionary forces from each other has it come to pass that,
today, many sincere comrades lack knowledge of the counter-
revolutionary character of the 4-Gang.

In item (12) of this series, I'll reproduce 5 of the congratulatory
messages, the ones in the below list which have Notes in square
brackets 1 - 5 on them. These I judge to be the most important
of the messages, except for the one already mentioned, this
either because they're from organizations which are or remain
important today or because they show the best understanding of
the situation in China (next to the one I mentioned, the message
>from the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT), which is unique in this
respect), or both.

In item (13), I'll reproduce the three messages from organizations
in Germany, first, one more time, the one from the genuinely
Marxist-Leninist party in that country at the time, the KPD/ML
(NEUE EINHEIT), and then, for comparison and in order to show
some facts of the international interference and subversion against
the movement in that country, the ones from two phoney"Marxist"
organizations, the "KPD" and the "KBW". These latter two will
have Notes in square brackets 6 and 7 added to their names in
English in the below list. I'll also in item (13) add a note on the
earlier and continuing struggle in Germany in connection with the
Gang of Four and other reactionaries in China.

INB: Item (13) will not be posted at the same time as items (11)
and (12) but at a somewhat later date.

>From some countries, more than one organization sent messages
to the CPC on this occasion. To indicate this, numbers (1/2), (2/2),
(1/3), (2/3), or (3/3) will be put behind the names of those on the
list which weren't alone in the country in question to send a message.

3 listed organizations in their messages explicitly condemned both
the Gang of Four and Deng Xiaoping, something which indicates
a high level of understanding of the situation in China on their part.
These were (in addition to the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT)): The
Colombian Marxist-Leninst League, the PCP in Peru and the New
Zealand Communist Party. Their names on the list are marked
with a note /G4, D/.

The present leadership of the PCP states that the one of that party
in 1976 was "opportunist", an assessment whose correctness I at
present cannot ascertain. This present PCP leadership, although
it since 1980 leads a just people's war against the reactionary
regime in Peru, unfortunately since many years back is making
the error of maintaining that two of the 4-Gang members were "the
real revolutionaries" in China.

20 more organizations, out of the 48 listed, explicitly condemned
the Gang of Four, which likewise indicates a rather high level of
understanding of the situation. Their names on the list are marked
with a note /G4/.

The two phoney"Marxist" organizations in Germany, and no others,
saw fit, on this occasion of the recent important victory over the
Gang of Four, explicitly to condemn the long-since dismissed
Deng Xiaoping, but in no way the 4-Gang, in China. Their names
on the list are marked with a note /D/.

The names of those organizations which made no explicit
condemnation of either the 4-Gang or Deng are marked with /-/.

A relatively small number of organizations with which the CPC
at that time had maintained relations obviously sent *no*
messages of congratulations on that occasion. The two most
important of these (this stated with the reservation that I cannot
judge the possible importance of certain Third-World organizations
which existed at that time) were the infamous phoney"Marxist"
parties the "Roter Morgen" of Germany (which unjustifiedly called
itself "the KPD/ML" and which in 1978 cut off Mao Zedong's head
>from the image of "the five classics" on the front page of its
newspaper and declared itself in favour of the Hodxa revisionists)
and the "RCP" of the USA, which from 1984 on was "uncle party" in
the subversive operation and phoney "International" the "RIM".
(See my postings "UNITE! Info #3en" of 01.01.96, "UNITE! Info
#8en" of 25.04.96, and others.)

Below, the 48 organizations in the 37 countries are listed continent
by continent. Sources: Peking Review issues 46/76, of 12.11.76,
48/76, of 26.11.76, 50/76, of 10.12.76, and 52/76, of 24.12.76.


ASIA: 7 organizations in 5 countries
/4 out of those 7 explicitly condemned the Gang of Four/

1.	CC of CP of Burma /G4/
2.	General Secretary Itai of Japanese Workers' Party /G4/
3.	General Secretary Sanmugathasan of Ceylon
	Communist Party (1/2) /-/
4.	CC of CP of Thailand /G4/
5.	CC of Japanese Communist Party (Left) /-/
6.	CC of CP of Malaya /G4/
7.	Nadunga, Member of Secretariat of CC of Communist
	Party of Sri Lanka (M-L) (2/2) /-/

EUROPE, EAST: 1 organization in 1 country

1.	General Secretary Mijal of Polish Communist Party /-/

EUROPE, WEST: 25 organizations in 17 countries

/10 out of those 25 explicitly condemned the Gang of Four;
2 out of those 25 explicitly condemned Deng Xiaoping but
not the Gang of Four/

1.	Working Committee of Norwegian Workers'
	Communist Party (M-L) /-/
2.	Standing Committee of Political Bureau of CC of
	Communist Party of Germany (1/2) /D/ [Note 6]
3.	E. G. Vilar of CC of CP of Portugal (M-L) /-/
4.	Chairman Scocozza of Communist League
	Marxists-Leninists of Denmark /-/
5.	CC of Marxist-Leninist Party of the Netherlands (1/3) /-/
6.	CC of Spanish Workers' Revolutionary Organization (1/2) /-/
7	First Secretary Lefebvre, Marxist-Leninist Communist
	Party of Belgium (1/2) /-/
8	Central Leading Organ of Marxist-Leninist Organization of
	Italian Bolshevik Communists (1/2) /-/
9	CC of Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of France (1/2) /-/
10	Political Secretariat of Marxist-Leninist Revolutionary
	Communist Party of France (2/2) /G4/
11	CC of Labour Party of Spain (2/2) /-/
12.	Chairman Pettersson of Executive Committee of
	Communist Party of Sweden (1/2) /G4/
13	Executive Committee of Marxist-Leninist
	Groups of Finland /G4/
14.	Secretary Schmierer of CC of Communist League of
	West Germany (2/2) /D/ [Note 7]
15.	Secretary Lindner of Communist League of Austria /G4/
16.	Chairman Andersson and General Secretary
	Gudlaugsson of Communist Party of Iceland (M-L) /-/
17.	General Secretary Cala of Party of Socialist
	Revolution of Italy (2/2) /G4/
18.	Executive Committee of Communist Federation of
	Britain (M-L) /G4/
19.	CC of Communist Party of Switzerland (M-L) /G4/
20.	CC of Organization of Marxist-Leninists of Greece /-/
21.	General Secretary Boer of CC of Communist Unity
	Movement of the Netherlands (M-L) (2/3) /G4/
22.	Political Bureau of "All power to Workers (AMADA)" of
	Belgium (2/2) /G4/
23.	Political Bureau of Communist League of Luxemburg /-/
24.	CC of League of Dutch Marxist-Leninists (3/3) /-/
25.	General Secretary Thomas Lindh of Marxist-Leninist
	Union of Struggle of Sweden (2/2) /G4/

LATIN AMERICA: 8 organizations in 7 countries

/2 out of those 8 explicitly condemned both the Gang of Four
and Deng Xiaoping; another 2 explicitly condemned the Gang of

1.	First Secretary Zamora of Communist Party of
	Bolivia (M-L) /-/
2.	Colombian Marxist-Leninist League /G4, D/ [Note 1]
3.	CC of Revolutionary Communist Party of Argentina (1/2) /-/
4.	Political Bureau of CC of Marxist-Leninist Communist
	Party of Honduras /G4/
5.	Secretariat of CC of Uruguayan Revolutionary
	Communist Party /-/
6.	CC of Communist Party of Peru /G4, D/ [Note 4]
7.	President of Delegation Abroad of Communist Party
	(Marxist-Leninist) of Argentina (2/2) /-/
8.	Political Committee of Red Line of Dominican
	"June 14" Revolutionary Movement /G4/

NORTH AMERICA. 2 organizations in 2 countries

1.	CC of Canadian Communist League (M-L) /-/
2.	CC of U.S. October League (M-L) /-/

OCEANIA. 5 organizations in 5 countries

/1 out of those 5 explicitly condemned both the Gang of Four
and Deng Xiaoping; another 4 explicitly condemned the Gang
of Four./

1.	Chairman Wen Ming Chuan, CP of North Kalimantan /G4/
2.	CC of CP of Philippines /G4/ [Note 2]
3.	Delegation of CC of CP of Indonesia /G4/ [Note 3]
4.	General Secretary Wilcox of New Zealand
	Communist Party /G4, D/ [Note 5]
5.	Chairman E. F. Hill of Australian Communist Party
	(Marxist-Leninist) /G4/ [Speech at visit to China, PR 51/76]

(AFRICA: 0 organizations in  0 countries)

SUM, WORLD: 48 organizations in 37 countries

Here is not counted the message from the KPD/ML(NEUE
EINHEIT) in Germany, which was suppressed. See items
(9) and (later:) (13) of this series.

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